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All references to Airport Shuttle below should be regarded as Tourist Transport (Fiji) Ltd;


  1. No shows or transfers not utilized for all confirmed bookings due to a passenger’s failure to arrive prior to vehicle departure will incur a 100% no show fee.
  2. Airport Shuttle Fiji will not refund any pre paid vouchers that are not utilized.
  3. A 50% cancellation fee will apply for cancellations made in writing within 24-hours of travel. Cancellations made outside of this period in writing will be entitled to a 80% refund.
  4. Amendments to travel dates must be done 24 hours prior to time of travel.
  5. Unutilized vouchers cannot be amended after the date of travel as this voucher is deemed to be void.
  6. Airport Shuttle will not carry any un-accompanied luggage whatsoever. Luggage limits are 25kgs pp and 7kgs hand luggage pp.
  7. Airport Shuttle will not be liable for damage or loss of luggage whatsoever although all reasonable care will be taken.
  8. Airport Shuttle will not be liable for the sickness, injury or death to passenger, loss of or damage of any personal effect whether caused by Airport Shuttle negligence or otherwise.
  9. Any cancellations or distruption caused by natural disater is non refundable. This has to be claimed through your travel insurance.

Airport Shuttle recommends all passengers travelling with Airport Shuttle have comprehensive travel insurance whilst travelling in Fiji.


a) The company and its agents act only as agents of the passengers in matters relating to accommodation, sightseeing tours and transport whether by aircraft, road, motor coach, ship, boat or any other means and shall not be liable for injury, delay, loss or damage arising in any case in any matter and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any default of that operator whatsoever.
b) Whilst every care is taken, the company cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to baggage and it is, therefore, advisable to effect a separate baggage insurance.
c) The company’s liability to passengers carried on its own vehicles is governed by the respective laws of the country to which the tours takes place and no other country claims are subject jurisdiction of the court of the country in which the cause of action may arise.
d) The company reserves the right to employ sub-contractors to carry or any part of the service agreed and, in the event of the exercise of such rights, the terms of the clause relating to the Company’s liability shall apply.
i) In the event that any claim is made against the Travel Agent or Tour Operator in respect of loss or damage occasioned by the breach of contract, negligence or other fault of Airport Shuttle Fiji, Airport Shuttle Fiji, shall be liable to indemnify the Travel Agent or Tour Operator (as the case may be) only if such a claim would have been awarded against the Travel Agent or the Tour Operator (as the case may be) in the country in which the tours takes place if the Travel Agent or the Tour Operator (as the case may be) has submitted to the jurisdiction of the said court.
ii) In respect of any such claim, as mentioned in sub-clause (above) of this clause, Airport Shuttle Fiji shall be under no liability whatsoever or howsoever arising other than the liability expressed in this clause.
iii) For the purpose of this clause, Airport Shuttle Fiji shall be deemed to include its servants and agents and shall be deemed to contract on its own behalf and on behalf of each servant and agent.